Usagi no Nedoko / Corporate vision


We provide inspirational experiences to people around the world through a beauty of natural creation and magnificent stories behind them.


We realize the world where people enjoy a beauty of natural creation and its stories in their everyday life as we enjoy arts and design works.


Always be on the edge.

1. Always be a new. Be the news.

Be the company where people get excited “what’s coming next”.

2. Always holding onto the strong vision, so it inspires others.

Mundane products or services trying to please everybody will not please anybody.

3. Pursue the beauty in details.

Perfection lives in the details. Never give up the last 1%.


1. Integrity

As a basic attitude in pursue of a beauty, or as a person, always take the noble, right actions at any moment.

2. No defense, fear no changes

Always be accountable in thinking “what’s better than now”.
Never holding onto the past successes, always be a challenger to target the next paramount.

3. Speed, speed, speed

Pursue both high, on the edge quality as well as a speed not allowing me-too followers.
Sweeping speed is the quality.

4. Look from high, wide vision and deep thought

Why are you working on it? (objective thinking)
Are you looking to the root-cause when issues occur? (issue discovery)
Does the idea base on all agenda to be considered? (completeness)
Do you have the specific images of the idea? (action oriented)
Always take action upon looking high, seeing widely and thinking deeply.
Such actions will have a power to move anything.

5. Never forget humor

Be humorous in the difficulties.
Always laugh at your colleagues’ jokes.