Usagi no Nedoko Kyoto / Terms of Use


Please comply with our lodging policies to ensure publicity and safety.
We may decline your lodging for any non-compliance.

  • It is 100% smoke free facility as Usagi no Nedoko is an old wooden building.
    Use of any form of fire is strictly prohibited.
  • Please do not make loud noise as it is a quiet residential area.
  • Please do not bring any of the following items.
    1. Animals, birds
    2. Extremely odorous items
    3. Non licensed firearms, knives, marijuana or any kind of drugs
  • Do not invite anyone other than the registered guests.
    Do not let persons stay at the lodge without prior consent by us.
  • Do not move, make changes, bring outside, or repurpose any of the equipment within the facility.
    We will ask for compensation if the facility was intentionally or mistakenly damaged.
  • Cancelation fee applies for cancellation within 14 days of the reservation.
    • No show without notice: 100%
    • On the day of the reservation: 100%
    • A day before: 50%
    • 2-14 days before: 30%
    • 15 days before: 0%
  • If you did not arrive by 8PM, or you should be late more than 2 hours from the planned arrival hour (up to 8PM), we may cancel your reservation.
  • If your non-arrival should be caused by unavoidable reasons such as delays in the public transportation, we will not request a cancellation fee.
  • Please pay your lodging fee on the day of arrival by cash or by credit card.
    (VISA/American Express/MasterCard)
  • We will request not to use the bath if you are heavily under influence of alcohol.
  • Reservation can be made at our website or by phone.
    Contact phone number: (81)-75-366-8933